About Us

MX is equal parts laboratory, studio, and creative agency, designing and building the technology for the next generation of content interaction.

Founded in 2001, MX has been transforming the way people interact and experience content from the birth of audio streaming through the rise of app publishing. We’re passionate about being the first to utilize new mediums to enhance storytelling and extend brands for our clients. A leading collaborator with premier film studios from the inception of Blu-ray, we recently conceived and developed industry standard second screen experiences and technology for iOS, Android™ devices, and Adobe® Flash®.

As a strong and creative team of both designers and developers, we comprise a group of experts thriving in our individual fields. Committed to developing rich narrative experiences fueled by our deep understanding and creative implementation of technology, we develop custom tools that enable our in-house teams to stretch the limits of what is considered possible, giving MX the ability to operate with the speed and efficiency of a small team while having the experience and expertise of a larger organization.

MX’s services cover the full arc of product design and implementation: from high-level conceptualization through art direction and creative design to prototyping, development, and deployment on one or many platforms. We’re adept at working on one or all aspects of a project, and have considerable experience in collaborative environments, partnering with multiple vendors to mutually realize a single vision.

We’d be happy to hear from you to discuss how we can help or to provide additional information. Please email info[at]mx-mx.com.

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