MX is built upon a core value that a close relationship between creative designers and developers is paramount, continuing from the first napkin sketch through to release.

To facilitate that, we’ve developed frameworks and tools for mobile, web and BD-J that are sophisticated enough to rapidly take an app from vision to prototype to product. They give designers the flexibility needed to realize their creative vision while allowing developers to focus on new challenges rather than re-inventing the wheel.


MX Mobile Framework

The MX Mobile Framework is a cross-platform system for rapid development of highly customized, visually rich, content-driven mobile applications, designed to take advantage of native code on target platforms while minimizing platform-specific coding. Built with an extensible architecture, new modules are easily and frequently added. While useful for a wide variety of applications, it includes support for advanced functionality particularly suited to Second Screen:

  • Flexible sync engine (audio, manual and network sync)
  • Network playback control
  • Social engine
  • Embedded or cloud-based content with intelligent caching mechanism
  • Multiple interactive event types (galleries, flipbooks, video playback, etc.)
  • Supports iOS, Android™ devices, and Adobe® Flash®


Cocoashop is a powerful production tool for generating application interface and content asset packages directly from PSD files. More than just a layout engine, when used in conjunction with the MX Mobile Framework, sophisticated interactive experiences can be defined in the PSD and be deployed with minimal developer involvement on any of the platforms the framework supports. It supports local and server based asset packages. Also includes ancillary tools to automate generating graphical text, useful for image captions and localization.




Riddler is a production tool that automatically generates GrinXML by parsing PSD files, both translating layer names and grouping structures into XML, and exporting individual graphic assets. It supports easy localization and skinning of existing GrinXML applications, and includes a validation mechanism to confirm that PSD layer groups are properly named and structured.

Photo of code
Photo of code
Photo of code
Photo of code